Teak Carpet Options - Beautiful Marine Floors

Teak Carpet


 There are now a variety of teak carpet options on the market for customers to choose from. They range from the more traditional pile carpet to a woven vinyl style teak carpet. The traditional heavier tufted carpet will be softer underfoot but more difficult to clean. So characteristics of the different types are as follows:

Tufted Pile Collection- indoor/outdoor style carpet - polypropelene with breathable mesh backing. Requires binding as it will fray at the edges. Less realistic than other teak carpets but softer underfoot. Pile can trap particles so more difficult to clean. Will take a popper easily for snap in carpets.

Composite Carpet Collection - a cross between carpet and vinyl with benefits of both. Vinyl backing with short nylon hairs that stand up vertically like a hairbrush. Easy to clean and very stain resistant. Very realistic looking alternative to teak decking in enclosed cockpits. Does not require binding. Can be poppered with reinforcing.

Woven Vinyl Carpet Collection - Woven vinyl surface with compact foam backing provides softness underfoot compared to standard vinyl. Slight fraying on exposed edges so should be edge bound unless fitted wall to wall