PVC Synthetic Teak Decking Panels



Beautiful Synthetic Deck Panels are made of PVC strips of wood effect PVC material that resembles teak. 

Material and Decking System used

Whilst other manufacturers seem to offer a multitude of colour combinations and marketing claims we have simply concentrated on offering the best product. Our aim has always been to produce the best artificial teak with the best weld system to produce the most durable and best deck panels. To that end we offer traditional colour which is by far the most popular, along with weathered and aged. Caulking colours are black or cream.

Our Deckfab branded material system is the latest deck system and the most durable because it is 100% Virgin PVC. The unique heat and backweld system produces the strongest panels by the nature of its fabrication. Samples are medium grade sanded but may be sanded fine after the panels are made should the customer prefer. They will tend to smooth with wear and may be resanded at anytime.




Deckfab panel systems